CREATIVE COMPOSITION: Image Design Masterclass

In Creative Composition, internationally renowned photographer Richard Bernabe takes you way beyond the “Rule of Thirds” and into the art and psychology of photographic composition and image design. Borrowing themes from music, art, and Gestalt Theory, Richard takes you on a journey through an image design masterclass, culminating with an extended commentary on the Creative Principle.

The 74 pages of Creative Composition, with photographs to illustrate the ideas and concepts in the book, will get your creative juices flowing again which will help power your way to greater creative expression with your camera.

Sprite of Africa

With the Creative Composition e-book, I’ve assembled everything I’ve learned about photographic composition over my entire career. It really is an image design masterclass – Richard Bernabe


Image Design Masterclass by Richard Bernabe $9.95 USD
74-page PDF E-book on photographic composition theory and practice by photographer Richard Bernabe.

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