Kase Gradual Fog Filter and Armour Holder

Kase Filters Gradual Mist

The Kase Gradual Fog Filter simulates foggy and misty photography conditions by applying a gradient to a mist filter. Under natural situations, the scene should appear foggier with the most distant the elements in the scene and less foggy up closer. By placing the the foggy area of the gradient over the background and the clear area over the foreground, the results are more natural than a mist filter that applies the effect globally.

Filter Features

  • Fog/Mist Filter with Gradient
  • Wolverine Series. KW Toughened Optical Glass. Nearly Unbreakable.
  • IR-CUT Infrared cut-off coating. Scratch resistant
  • Super Waterproof. Easy Clean
  • Upper Section simulates the effects of natural fog or mist by creating a soft diffusion around highlights and lowering the overall contrast. Creates a dream like effect . Bottom Section is clear for Sharp Foregrounds. Adjust the filter to get the natural horizon.
  • Fits Lee, Haida & Hitech, Cokin Z , Nisi 100mm holders.
  • Includes Leather Case with Magnetic Closure.

Without Kase Gradual Fog Filter

With Kase Gradual Fog Filter

Fog or mist can infuse a photograph with a sense of emotion and mystery by shrouding the environment in an ethereal veil, diffusing light and creating atmospheric depth. It evokes feelings of solitude, contemplation, or suspense. The obscured visibility prompts the viewer’s curiosity, inviting them to imagine what lies unseen, thereby turning an ordinary scene into a compelling narrative imbued with intrigue and a sense of the unknown.

Kase Filters Gradual Mist

When the filter is fitted with a magnetic frame for the Armour Magnetic Holder Kit, it’s the perfect combination of creative application and a fast, efficient set up. And as always, you can count on the optical quality of all Kase Filters.

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