Skylum Software Releases Luminar AI

Luminar AI

Skylum Luminar AI

This week, Skylum Software released their newest version of the Luminar image editing application, Luminar AI. Available as a standalone product for Mac and Windows and as a plug-in for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photos for MacOS, Luminar AI added 13 AI features to the previous version. Luminar AI includes all the most powerful tools for professionals but also makes image editing easy for beginners. It makes editing so easy, in fact, that advanced photographers might think it’s more of the toy than a professional image-editing tool. They would be wrong.

Technically, Luminar AI is not an upgrade to Luminar 4. It’s a completely new product although there is enough familiarity with the layout and tools that it might feel like “Luminar 5.”

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is intended to help photographers reduce editing time behind the computer and allow them to focus solely on the results and not necessarily the process. A big addition is the Templates module for one-click processing based on a series of editing recipes for various types of photographs. The Edit Module is similar to Luminar 4 but with quite a few additions including Composition AI which gives recommendations on cropping and the amount of negative space. I’m proud to say I contributed with this particular feature as a Global Ambassador for Skylum Software.

Other AI features – in addition to Composition AI – include Body AI, Atmosphere AI, Augmented Sky AI, Accent AI, Sky AI, Bokeh AI (coming very soon), and Iris AI. The intelligent features are meant to help you make your images look their very best while spending the least amount of time behind the computer.

Luminar AI is now available as either a one-time purchase that you own forever or as a Luminar X Membership which comes with photography courses, new and fresh templates and skies, and more.

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