Beyond The Lens Podcast

Beyond the Lens Podcast

Beyond The Lens Podcast

The Beyond The Lens Podcast is hosted by renowned photographer and traveler Richard Bernabe where each episode, he speaks with inspiring people about photography, the arts, travel, conservation, entrepreneurship, and creative culture.

Beyond the Lens is published bi-weekly on the Official Beyond The Lens Website and podcast publishing platforms all over the world.

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Episodes (Newest to Oldest)

15. Kenya Photography Safari with Richard Bernabe: Insights, Preparation, Gear, and Strategies. In this episode, Richard talks about an upcoming photo safari to Kenya. What gear is he bringing? Why The Masai Mara? Why September? And which strategies will he be using once he’s there? (September 9, 2022)

14. Robin Thurston: CEO of Outside Interactive on the ‘Outerverse’ and why Web3 is a huge deal for creators.  Robin talks about the history of Outside Magazine, NFTs, Web3 technology, and the need for people to step away from their screens and get outside. (August 26, 2022)

13. Dr. Peter Lindsey: Director of the Lion Recovery Fund Peter discusses his organization’s ambitious plans to double the number of wild lions win Africa and how he plans to do it. (August 12, 2022)

12. Levison Wood: Photographer, Author, and ‘Toughest Man on TV’ reveals the Art of Exploration Levison is the author of ten books, including Walking The Nile, The Last Giants: The Rise and Fall of the African Elephant, and The Art of Exploration. (July 29, 2022)

11. Sophy Roberts: Award-Winning Travel Writer on Hidden Africa and ‘The Lost Pianos of Siberia.’ Sophy writes for the Financial Times, Conde Naste, and authored ‘The Lost Pianos of Siberia’ a Times, Sunday Times, and Independent ‘Book of 2020’.(July 15, 2022)

10. Moose Peterson: A Nikon Legend Behind The Lens on Wildlife and Aviation Photography. Moose talks about endangered species, editorial photography, film, aviation, and a lot more. (June 29, 2022)

9. Conrad Anker: Legendary Mountaineer on a Lifetime of Climbing and Remembering Galen RowellConrad talks about his most epic climbs, finding Mallory’s body on Everest, his good friend Galen Rowell, and much more. (June 17, 2022)

8. Ellen Cuylaerts: Underwater Photography and Facing Your Fears. Ellen discusses her journey in becoming one of the top underwater wildlife photographers in the world, swimming with sharks, and overcoming personal fears. (June 2, 2022)

7. David Burkus: Best-Selling Author on Creativity MythsDavid talks about creativity, the many myths surrounding creativity, and how to be more creative in your art, business and everyday lives. He also talks about overcoming writers block and why working from inside coffee shops can perhaps make you a better writer. (May 20, 2022)

6. John Paul Caponigro: Fine Art Photography and the Creative Life. John Paul and Richard discuss fine art photography, personal vision, the emotional weight of the pandemic, and climate change. Also, how creative writing, art, nature, and photography are restorative in times of unrest. (May 6, 2022)

5. Ask Me Anything Bonus Episode – Your Listener Questions Answered. Richard answers questions submitted via Twitter and Facebook with co-producer Mia Hadrill. (April 29, 2022)

4. Marc Saltzman on Demystifying Technology. Marc is a USA Today tech columnist specializing in consumer electronics, online technology, business technology, interactive entertainment, and future trends. (April 22, 2022)

3. Marc Cooke: Saving the Wolves of Yellowstone. A passionate campaigner for the plight of Yellowstone wolves and Montana native, Marc Cooke is the President of Wolves of the Rockies. (April 8, 2022)

2. Jerry Greer: CEO of Mountain Trail Press on Self Publishing. As a photographer with over 20 years of industry experience, Jerry Greer is an expert in book publishing, print brokering, and preparing images for 4-color offset printing. (March 25, 2022)

1. Rick Sammon: Canon Explorer of Light, award-winning photographer, author and musician. Rick Sammon is an award-winning photographer who has traveled to more than 100 destinations around the world in search of new images. (March 11, 2022)

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Richard Bernabe is a professional photographer specializing in travel, wildlife, and nature as well as an author of books, magazine articles, and travel essays published world-wide. Richard is a global influencer in the fields of photography, travel, and wildlife conservation with more than one million followers on social media platforms. He leads several photography tours and workshops all over the world and is invited to speak to photography and conservation groups all across the globe.