PDF E-Books by Richard Bernabe

Creative Composition: Image Design Masterclass

In Creative Composition, photographer Richard Bernabe takes you way beyond the “Rule of Thirds” and into the art and psychology of photographic composition and image design. This book is a true image design masterclass for both the beginner and advanced. Learn More >>

Iceland: Our Amazing Planet

This free e-book, Iceland, Our Amazing Planet explores the pure magic that is Iceland, captured by renowned photographer, Richard Bernabe. Mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and beautiful light, Iceland has got it all. Learn More >>

Namibia Impressions

Nature, wildlife, and travel photographer Richard Bernabe takes you on a virtual expedition to this amazing African country in this free e-book, Namibia Impressions. Namibia is a land of ancient deserts, wild sea shores, prodigious African wildlife, and more. Learn More >>

Patagonia: Our Amazing Planet

This free e-book, Patagonia, Our Amazing Planet, is a compilation of twenty photographs by Richard Bernabe among the mountains, lakes, and glaciers of Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia, surely one of the world’s amazing places. Learn More >>

Ten Easy Steps to Photography With Impact

In this free e-book, Ten Easy Steps to Photography with Impact, photographer Richard Bernabe shares ten simple concepts that will help you make more creative decisions with your camera leading to making more visual impact with your photographs. Learn More >>